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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 14, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it's sunday april 14th. good morning and thank you so much for joining us. let's start with the accu-weather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa arden with live look at doppler 7. >> chris, the sun coming up in a little over 30 minutes. we have foot around the bay. along the coast, the san mateo coast and north bay. the east bay is nice and clear. temperatures in the upper 40s from san francisco, 48 in morgan hill. we're at 52 in mountainview and 51 in half moon bay. this is san jose. nice and clear start for you with numbers in the 40s to the north with the fog. concord checking in at 52. livermore at 47. your forecast calling for clouds. we'll call it partly cloudy throughout the afternoon. temperatures climbing through the low 60s around the bay. by midday, 50s and breezy at the coast. by 4:00 in the afternoon, it's a cooler day at the shoreline. gusty winds, but new england,
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still mild -- but inland, still mild. 70, partly cloudy skies. more clouds leading to rain for your monday. chris? >> thanks. in the east bay, dozens of people including infants, children, and adults became sick after being exposed to pepper spray in concord. police were sent to an indoor play place called the jungle just after 7:00 p.m. last night. officers say the surprise was used in a fight -- the spray was used in a fight between young people. 25 to 30 people became sick. some vomitted, others had difficulty breathing. medics treated everyone involved. two people are dead after a hit-and-run crash. it happened before 7:30 last night at 25th avenue and foothill boulevard. abc7 has more from the witnesses in the report. we need more units out here. >> copy. can i get more units to respond to 26th avenue and foothill -- >> reporter: oakland police arrived at 25th and foothill to
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find three people severely injured in a hit and run. one was a 7-year-old boy. >> we just saw people -- i mean, they were on the ground. >> reporter: humberto knows the woman and her boy. he goes to school with his son. he said the family lay in the middle of the street for some time before police arrived. >> there's no words to explain, to -- yeah, it's sad. >> they said there's no money in the city. we never have money for safety here. >> reporter: alma chavez has lived in the neighborhood for more than 23 years. cars racing down the street has always been ape problem, she says -- been a problem, she says. she's collected signatures to petition the city to put in lights, but she says still no change. >> what they run the last light on 28, they happen to run like crazy. the last -- the next light is on 23rd. so that's a long, long space to have lights in this boulevard.
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>> reporter: in oakland, abc7 news. a woman was also hit and killed by a driver in mountainview. it happened on el camino reale before 8:30 last night. the driver remained at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. 6:03. san francisco international airport is dealing with a surge in homeless coming into its terminals. especially lawsuit at night. airport officials believe many are arriving on some of the last b.a.r.t. trains of the night, terminating at sfo. that's according to "the chronicle." statistics show contacts between airport personnel and homeless people have tripled in the last two years. the city wants b.a.r.t. to sweep its trains for the homeless before they arrive at the airport. the homeless at sfo is not a new issue. in 2017 a palestiniolice office attacked by a transient.
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he survived the event. the woman was arrested. at the time, police told abc7 news that its officers met some of the late-night b.a.r.t. trains arriving to turn away homeless people looking to enter the airport. severe weather continues across the south. a powerful storm system killed two children in texas after a tree fell on to a car killing a 3-year-old and an 8-year-old. a man who lives near good by rushed to try to help. >> ran down there to see what was going on. that's when i noticed the tree had fallen on the vehicle. i saw the size of the tree and how it was on the car. i knew it wasn't a good outcome. >> there is an enhanced risk for severe weather for several states. here's abc's elizabeth hur. >> reporter: a powerful storm across the south with millions in its path. several tornadoes touching down in texas. this large twister destroying multiple homes in the town of franklin. >> there was someone in the trailer, and the trailer is completely gone.
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>> reporter: ripping roofs off some homes and completely flattening others. >> we've lost about half of the south side of franklin, totally destroyed. >> reporter: prompting officials to put a curfew in effect. >> the curfew, it's not to keep you from doing what you want to do. it's to protect your property. so i need everyone to just adhere to it. and wait until >> reporter: in the town of alto -- >> that's a tornado -- >> reporter: a similar scene. several homes damaged, trees and power lines knocked down, roads blocked by debris. >> we're mainly focusing on getting people out of houses and make sure everybody's safe. and as soon as we get to them we'll survey the property damage. >> reporter: in schoon, golf ball-sized hail pounded the city. the same system also produced this funnel cloud in louisiana. torrential downpours left some roads under water and as that dangerous storm continues to
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move east, the governor of alabama is activating the emergency operations center. abc news, new york. in san francisco, witnesses sway good saaritans chased burglars in the outer richmond neighborhood. the chase ended with a violent crash at the intersection of 40th avenue and cabrillo street. three other cars were involved. two were parked. one car was pushed into the doorway of a house, damaging the home. witnesses say the people in the car being chased had just broken into at least one car. >> they were trying to take my camera. i said, you know, it's the wrong -- they broke into the next car and took everything they had. they got into the car and started running. >> police say several people were detained in the suspect's car, but others ran off and remain wanted. in the east bay the warriors took care of business defeating the clippers in game one of the first-round playoffs. it was a 121-104 victory. steph curry led with 38 points.
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we have more from oracle arena as the warriors opened up their final playoff run in oakland. >> reporter: the excitement and strength in numbers was fans of all ages -- >> say warriors! >> warriors! >> reporter: even those who are yet to be born showed up to cheer on the team. you could give birth today. >> yeah. >> reporter: eat the game? >> the lady said i should be careful with steps going down. just gave a big kick. >> reporter: this 14-year-old traveled from southern california to sing the national anthem for her team. >> it gives you such a good vibe. and especially all the fans. >> reporter: others brought fought the big guns and dressed the part. what's going on? >> this is the lucky jacket. my daughter got this for me five years ago, and i wore it -- started wearing it to games, and
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they won every game. >> reporter: these seasoned ticket holders say they have been patient even during the tough years. >> if we can go to a game, we would try to give tickets for free to friends. would you like our tickets? and honestly they would say, why? why? it's our home team, and these are -- >> reporter: now what too you say? >> now we -- what do you say? >> now we say no. you can't them. >> reporter: tony's seen a lot in the past decade. now he makes his own rules. >> i don't wear another man's name on my back >> reporter: why's that? >> i'm the man. half the time these guys leave. >> reporter: what many want to see is what they call -- >> three-peat. three-peat, baby. >> reporter: three consecutive championship wins. >> we need five rings for our hand, you know? >> reporter: in oakland, abc7 news. game two is tomorrow at 7:30 at oracle arena. it moves to game three on thursday night. game four is in l.a. at 12:30 p.m. on easter sunday. you can see it here.
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if necessary, gave five will be at oracle on the 24th. game six, friday the 26th. game seven would be back at home on sunday t, the 18th. much more ahead in sports. we know dub nation has a lot of pride, we want to see it. post using #dubsonseven. you may see them on air or on the website, 6:09 the time. this is always a great time with the warriors heading into the playoffs. and you know, our weather changes, right? >> that's right. if you're not quite ready for the 80s, get ready. they are on the way. pier 39 this morning, temperatures in the low 50s from here to oakland. and it's 50 in san jose. we're actually cooling down today, going the other direction with some rain before we talk about a big warmup by the end of the week. victim that for you coming up. >> thank you. also next, p on the plates plmisericordia up richmond-san rafael bridge. caltrans is insisting the bridge
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say "get a galaxy" to learn more. welcome back. we're 20 minutes or so from
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sunrise. weather coming up. in the north bay, police believe a young man was drunk when he drove his car into a seven store yesterday morning on east katadi avenue. no one was hurt thankfully, but the wreck forced the store to close until a building inspector can determine if it's safe to reopen. officers say the 19-year-old dyu suspect attends snowm ♪a street, across the street -- sonoma street across the street. there's another mishap on the span, but caltrans says the bridge is safe for thousands who rely on it. cornel barnard has the update. 580, check for concrete debris -- >> reporter: the which investigated another report of falling concrete on the richmond-san rafael bridge friday night. a woman driving eastbound on the lower deck told officers two baseball-sized chunks of
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concrete fell, chipping her windshield. >> there's workers out there tonight, possible concrete issue. have them reinspect everything. >> reporter: caltrans tells abc7 news after an inspection, there was no falling concrete. instead, it was a pothole mid span which likely kicked up debris. it's the third incident involving loose concrete on the bridge this year. in february, chunks of concrete fell from the upper deck to the lower deck, damaging a passing car. weeks later, more concrete fell from the upper deck leading to more lane closures and a lengthy repair job to replace 60 bridge joints. >> caltrans itself is said to be sound, it's not going to fall into the bay. but it's literally falling into the bay. >> reporter: many saying the span needs to be replaced. >> we need the bridge is failing. we need a new bridge and need a plan to build a new bridge when the toll revenue is available to build it. >> i honestly don't think about it, but maybe i should. i sure don't want a bunch of concrete falling on me. >> reporter: drivers say the
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richmond-san rafael bridge is their commuter lifeline. >> it's concerning. i drive over it every day. it's fairly safe. >> reporter: caltrans says the bridge is safe and structurally sound. the pothole has been repaired. cornell barnard, abc7 news. police in san francisco say they haven't determined whether the giants committed any noise violation when their post-game fireworks show rattled some neighbors early yesterday morning. ♪ the giants tweeted this video at 1:11 yesterday morning -- you can blame extra innings for the show's late start. friday night's game tied a record for the longest game at 18 innings. at least two fans believe the show must go on despite what neighbors think. >> bands are out here expecting it. it's on a schedule. it's expected. actually, there was a time period as a kid, i remember a game in chicago going past 1:00 a.m., the saints got on the radio and did the fireworks
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themselves. i'm not too surprised. >> reporter: do you think it's a problem? >> it would be if it's every night. if it's occasionally -- >> reporter: the giants issued a statement saying, quote, we have initiated discussions to adjust our fireworks policy, particularly under circumstances where game times run much longer than expected. we sincerely apologize for the disruption and anticipate having a new policy put in place before the next fireworks display. time is 6:16. in san francisco, opponents of a navigation center along the embarcadero held a protest before yesterday's giants game calling attention to the issue that's divided a community. >> keep it safe! keep it safe! >> opponents say the center would be a magnet for crime and don't want it to be built. supporters counter that it would provide badly needed shelter and resources for the homeless. the proposed center would open
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in this parking lot owned by the port of san francisco along the embarcadero. the center would have about 200 temporary bed and support services for homeless in the area. we're off to a cool start. lisa argen with the forecast. >> good morning. aout 15 minutes away for sunriseri sunrise-- sunrise. this is mt. tam. 49 in san francisco. 52 in oakland. mountainview, 50 in san jose. morgan hill checking in at 48. on the coast, 51 and from the roof camera, you can see a little bit of rlow cloudcloudin. low clouds but sun today. partly cloudy, 45 santa rosa. 46 in napa. low 50s toward concord. plirchl, a cool 47 -- livermore, a cool 47 degrees. from santa cruz we are looking at a cooler day today. yesterday in the 80s. today, with the clouds and a
6:18 am
stronger wind, we will be cooler, looking at rain araving tomorrow for pretty much everyone. and looking at a big warmup by the end of the week. thursday and friday the warmest days of the week. we'll get into that later on wednesday. through the day tomorrow, not only does the green represent the rain, but the cooler air. 50s to low 60s. and then we're behind the system on tuesday. breeze at the coast. low 60s there. near 70 inland. already warming up by wednesday. this will be a lot like yesterday. here's the trend in san jose. near 70, near average. the system brings evening rain for you. low 60s. mid 60s for your tuesday. and then by wednesday, claiming into the 70s, 80s arrive thursday. stick around through friday. a cooler system is in play for next weekend. we'll bring in the storm impact scale for monday. it's a one. a weak system, light to moderate
6:19 am
rain. you may not be expecting it for the middle of april. a quarter inch to a third of at inch. a rainy afternoon commute. looking at occasional breezy winds. let's check out the rest of the day. it features the morning fog. a few high clouds in the afternoon. thicker through the second half of the day. overnight, mostly cloudy sky. then the first half of your morning is dry. but then the rain moves in toward early afternoon in the north bay. it sweeps south throughout the evening hours. and into the overnight hours. still with us. we will add up the rainfall totals. first half of the day, a couple hundred ths in the north day. toward monday night, a quarter inch in san francisco, perhaps mountainview, and ben lohman, one-third inch. low 60s, breezy winds in san francisco. 69 in fremont and vallejo. the accu-weather forecast, 60s around the coast, upper 60s at
6:20 am
the bay. increasing clouds new england. a one on the storm impact scale tomorrow. download the accu-weather app, still tracking live doppler 7 throughout the day tomorrow. tuesday, we're partly cloudy, a slight chance of showers in the morning. it's going to feel good in the afternoon. we are on our way to shorts and maybe bathing suits by the end of the we with 80s around the bay and inland. we're sharing stories of inspiration in a weekly digital series called "more in common." there week, discover an extraordinary workplace that empowers people are autism. >> i start work at least an hour before work. >> you're so excited to work, or why would you get there an hour before? >> i'm a passionate individual. >> sometimes i see him in his car, just like, oh, you're here, i can in come in. he wants to go. as an employer, who wouldn't want ten of joshes? >> i have autism and have a hard time with eye contact. that's why i'm not looking exactly at you.
6:21 am
it's uncomfortable. >> reporter: you made a number of friends at work. >> a few ways that i can relate to that i can't with other friends. oh, someone with a disability, we produce a product which is not only as good awe sometimes better. >> it becomes a badge of honor, you send it out into the world. people wear it, and it shows what people with disabilities with do when given a fair shot. >> more i
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here's what's coming up on "good morning america." >> breaking overnight, the severe weather outbreak slamming the south. devastating tornadoes destroying neighborhoods. the damages and who is still at risk. a shocking shoot-out between police and a suspect. the close call that almost cost a deputy his life. thed the dramatic footage of a near miss. the "star wars" celebration in full swing. the latest about "galaxy's edge." more ahead on "gma." the world's largest airplane took launch for the first time. strato-launch found by late microsoft co-port paul allen sent this six-engine fuselage plane into the air over the skies of the mojave desert. the aircraft will one day be a
6:25 am
flying launch pad single satellites into low orbit around the earth. it has a whopping 28 wheels on its oversized gears. a mountainview attorney who said he's reinvented soda will try to sell it to the sharks. jim createded luma 2.0 after drinking the high-calorie stuff in diet drinks while burning the midnight oil preparing for trials. he made this all-natural, calorie soda for a 12-ounce serving. see if the sharks buy it tonight at 10:00 p.m. on "shark tank" on abc7. abc7 news serves as a pro-sponsor of the annual best buddies friendship walk in san francisco. abc emceed at golden gate park yesterday. in the last decade, more than 200,000 people nationwide have walked to raise $16 million for
6:26 am
the nonprofit. 95 teams from across the state took part in this walk. best buddies help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities make friends, find meaningful employment and helps to transform them into leaders. still to come, message to the faithful. and another
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thanks for waking up with us. we're looking ahead to changes in the accu-weather forecast. here's lisa argen with the current conditions. >> chris, we're starting out in the east bay. wu walnut croeek, it is nice and sunny. cool. but we have fog elsewhere around the bay. looking at the numbers, we are looking at temperatures in and around 50 degrees mountainview and san jose. here is the east bay hills camera, fog moving in. 45 santa rosa. it's dropped in napa, 46. today will feature partly cloudy skies as we go through the morning hours. you'll notice a few clouds around, mainly stratus at the coast with mid 60s inland. by the afternoon, clouds thicken in the north bay. we're still sunny elsewhere, and by 6:00 we're in the 60s, and
6:30 am
those 50s with the breezy winds at the coast. all the clouds leading to a cold front and a chance of rain for your monday. it will be across the bay area throughout the day. i'll time it out for you coming up. >> lisa, thank you. an earthquake rocked the big island of hawaii last night. a manage nudegnitude 5.3 hit ar local time. people reported strong shaking on parts of the island. three aftershocks were lorded within an -- were recorded within an hour including a 3.0. no reports of injuries or major damage. a top democrat on capitol hill has set a new deadline for the irs to turn over president trump's income tax returns. richard neal is chairman of the house ways and means committee. the massachusetts lawmaker believes federal law clearly gives congress a right to see the president's tax records. this follow the chief of the irs asking to extend a deadline that had been set last week. the fight may end up in court.
6:31 am
east bay congressman eric swalwell will hold a rally in dublin. he announced last week that he will run for president. the 38-year-old democrat says he intends to make gun violence a central issue in his campaign. swalwell has wasted no time hitting the campaign trail. he set out for florida, iowa, and south carolina last week. this afternoon's event starts at 2:00 at his alma mater, dublin high school. so far there are 18 democrats running for president. senator cory booker held his campaign kickoff event in newark, new jersey, yesterday. that's where he got his start in politics as a councilman and then mayor. he's starting a tour visiting iowa, georgia, and nevada this week. coming up this week, ohio congressman tim ryan, one of the latest democrats to jump into the 2020 presidential race, will discuss his campaign priorities. you can watch the full interview on "this week with george stephanopoulos" at 8:00 right here on abc7. thousands are celebrating the bengali new year. this was the scene yesterday in
6:32 am
daca, bangladesh. colorful floats and drummers filled the streets. it's the biggest cultural festival. the new year is tomorrow, people dress up, hold prayers, and take part in rituals and prosessions the entire day. families prepare delicacies to welcome the new year. ♪ tens of thousands of people filled st. peter's square for a palm second mass. it marks the beginning of holy week. pope francis blessed palm fronds and olive branches. in his homily, the pope warned against being judgmental and too full of one's self. that includes authorities in the catholic church. this comes after he vowed the church would never again cover up child sex abuse. new details from minnesota. court records indicate the suspect accused of tossing a 5-year-old boy off a balcony in the mall of america had been banned twice from the shopping
6:33 am
center. abc news with more. >> reporter: a 5-year-old boy fighting for his life after authorities say this stranger, 24-year-old emanen aronda, threw him from the third floor of the mall of america. >> we have a report on the south side that someone fell from the third floor to the first floor. >> gut wrenching for everybody involved. >> reporter: the child plummeting 40 feet. >> he was limp, and there was a pool of blood on the floor when they put him on the stretcher. it was just a shock. >> reporter: the motive still a mystery. >> the suspect threw the child off of the third floor. but as to why he did that, it's still something we're looking into and trying to figure out. >> reporter: now disturbing new details from the suspect's past. arondo was arrested twice at the same mall in 2015. first for tossing an item over a railing. and then for throwing a grass at a restaurant -- a glass at a restaurant employee. he was temporarily banned from entering the mall. >> in this case since the incidents happened in 2015, t t thatties are pass period has --
6:34 am
that trespass period has expired. >> reporter: rondo took off immediately after the incident but was quickly taken down by police. >> he was located in the transit station at the mall of america. >> reporter: he's charged with attempted homicide. abc news, new york. the country's only all-male historically black college will next year begin admitting transgender men. moore house college in atlanta said the move is an important step toward a more inclusive campus. students born as male but identify as women cannot enroll. morehouse's board of trustees approved the policy yesterday. it becomes the first stand-alone, all-male college in the u.s. to adopt such a policy. facebook's activist shareholders will again try to oust mark zuckerberg as chairman of the board. they're unhappy about recent scandals involving facebook, namely the spread of misinformation, privacy, and other they believe zuckerberg has too much power. facebook has the annual shareholder meeting wrae 30th.
6:35 am
-- may 30th. on the peninsula, survivors of a school shooting joined a local congresswoman to push for stricter gun laws. abc news was at burlingame's conversation about america, stop the killing. congresswoman jackie speer hosted the event. two of the speakers survived last year's shooting massacre at marjorie stoneman douglas high school in florida. >> i think that the biggest step we need to take is policy in action, especially within the u.s. government but also locally. >> congress is in paralysis because the nra still has too much power. i'm shifting all of my attention locally. >> congressman speer is a survivor of gun violence herself. >> reporter: commuters began dealing with major changes along one of san francisco's busiest light rail lines. abc7 news was near ucsf medical center where crews are repaving streets along muni and metro and
6:36 am
juneau line. starting yesterday, trains are ru running to cal and must take buses from carl and hillway to ocean beach. muni hopes to have full and juneau service running in two weeks. ahead, saving the american workers elusive stone crew. the secret south bay orchard where a man is trying to preserve the agricultural legacy. as we head to break, 7:36. a live look outside from our walnut creek camera showing a beautiful sunrise on this sunday. li li
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6 the forecast coming up with lisa argen. first, the sharks hope to take a one-game lead against the golden knights. there will be a watch party on autumn street in san jose. festivities start at 5:30 tonight. there will be activities to benefit the sharks foundation along with the slap shot booth and food trucks. bring your lawn chairs and blankets to watch the game on a giant l.e.d. screen. the best of seven series is tied at a game apiece. the puck drops at 7:00 p.m. at t-mobile arena. lisa argen tracking the accuweather forecast. >> should be nice for the evening hours. we have a dry day today.
6:40 am
although in santa cruz, notice the fashion. 49. highs in the mid to upper 60s. partly to mostly cloudy at times. and the winds kicking up along the shoreline. there is a front on the way. that's allowing if you the cooler day, a few more clouds and rain which will arrive tomorrow for the afternoon commute. stay tuned for the accu-weather seven-day forecast next. a record-breaking night for steph curry as the warriors begin their quest for a three-peat. highlights and host game reaction of the dubs' win over the clippers.
6:41 am
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you need to place yourself whilein the moment.ears, ♪ our products make the wins more victorious... and the rewards even sweeter. you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. our products and services bring moments like these to every family. shop top-brand appliances including kenmore at sears. ♪ ♪ ♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at the disneyland resort
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6:42. thank you so much for waking up with us much not a bad day to get in spring ski figure your plans take you -- skiing if your plans take you to south lake tahoe. our camera at heavenly mountain resort. lisa will have the forecast from the sierra to the coast and everything in between. it's ahead in the accu-weather report. in sports the as will wrap up a ten-game roadtrip. oakland faces the rangers at 12:05 p.m. in arlington. yesterday's game was rained out. this afternoon the giants will try for a four-game sweep of the rockies. first pitch at oracle park at 1:05 p.m. tomorrow clipser -- oracle. and we have more hihlights in the sports report.
6:44 am
>> reporter: play is mother nature -- play is more intense in the nba season. what the warriors have waited for. in game one against the clippers, delivered. patrick beverly assigned to denver durant. he got frustrated. durant had fun, they both got ejected. draymond green got 13 of the 17 points in the first quarter. curry the assist machine. here made the tough shot. gets the bounce. warriors up nine after one. l.a. comes alive in the second. look at lou williams. yeah, he's not looking. away from the hope, lays it in, gets the two. montrose herald, 22 in the first half. l.a.'s bench outscored its starters, 41-15 in the first two quarters. warriors close the second on a 14-3 run. occury had 12. -- occcurry had 12. one of 15 rebounds. look, he finishes with the step-back three. just perfection. then curry does what he does so
6:45 am
well. he can shoot from any distance. warriors led by 14. in the final three, another rebounds. up the court. gets it back. he's going to go for three of his 38. and that three means he passes ray allen for the most threes in the playoffs. kevin durant, a quite 23. he made a lot of noise on that one. warriors take game one 121-104. >> it's really hard to simulate what atmosphere playoff is like until you get here. different buzz in the arena. different buzz in the locker room. you want to start off on a good foot, and we did that tonight. things we can do play better obviously. but i had fun. guys are smiling, enjoying themselves, and making winning plays. >> with all of the threes tonight, steph has the record for the most threes in the post season. >> i don't got that? >> there's still time. >> how'd that happen? no, i'm never surprised when it
6:46 am
comes to anything with steph and shooting the basketball. i don't think there's much arguing when someone says he's the greatest shooter of all time. >> steph's played in a lot of playoff games and come through so often. i get asked that a lot, is this the best he's playing. it seems that every year that's the question. is this the best he's playing, is this the best he's playing. he's been playing his best for about five years as far as i can see. the warriors-kings rivalry will have a new twist next season. espn reporting walton will be the next head coach. walton usually parted ways with the lakers on friday. before l.a., you will remember he worked under steve kerr. divac wanted to hire him a few years ago. the two were teammates on the lakers in 2004 and 2005. in baseball. giants-rockies. gosh, a great way to travel.
6:47 am
giants up 2-0 in the fifth. kevin pillar, fourth home run in a week makes it 3-0. then madison baumgardner looking for the first win. he went seven innings, struck out seven, allowed two runs on six hits. not a happy guy. giants have won three straight, 5-2 the final. as rained out in texas on saturday. they will wrap up their sear against the rangers today -- series against the rangers today at 1:05. anderson on the mound. the giants we'll be right back up their series with the rockies, 1:05. derek holland on the mound from san francisco. we'll bring you the highlights tonighting at 5:00. -- tonight starting at 5:00. have a great morning. we'll check the bay area forecast with our meteorologist, lisa argen. lisa? >> chris, feeling like spring. temperatures are up then down. wind and rain to enjoy for the next seven days. temperatures are going to really soar by the end of the week. so as we get going this morning, we're looking at a cooldown for some of you. here's exacta rosa -- santa rosa where the high will be 70.
6:48 am
tomorrow, with a cold front moving in and some rain, it's going to be 54. then we get behind the front. partly cloudy, but check out the numbers come wednesday. mild. a little above average. and then thursday and friday, the warmest days of the week, all around the bay, numbers in the 80s. as we look at this beautiful sunrise. walnut creek is nice and clear. just a few high clouds around. the forecast highligts calling for a cooler day today with a few clouds around. we'll talk it partly cloudy. rain arriving tomorrow. a warmup by the end of the week for everyone. radar imagery showing that we have the fog along the san mateo coast. here's another vantage point from the south bay. a lot of clouds. 50 mountainview and san jose, 51 in half moon bay. finally in the north day, looking pretty -- north bay, looking priss night. 47 in livermore. 49 by the delta. looking at a strong delta breeze. and that's an indicators of the cooler -- an indicator of the
6:49 am
cooler days. pollen levels moderate to high around the bay. all that sun yesterday. we'll look for them to dip a little monday with the rain into tuesday, behind the system. they're way back up for really the next several weeks. let's skip ahead to friday. we're looking at one of the warmest days of the week with mid 70s around the bay. even about 70 around half moon bay, and that translates into low to mid 80s in the valley. thursday and friday the warmest. saturday, the cool dadown, a go 15 degrees cooler. then into next weekend, about a week away, we will look for seasonal averages as the next system moves in. it looks like a dry system. not the one tomorrow. one on the storm impact scale. light to moderate rain. winds breezy, a quarter inch expected. and today starting out with the low clouds. the stratus. then high and midlevel clouds. 4:00 in the afternoon, highs will be mitigated by the clouds
6:50 am
as they move in throughout the afternoon. 70s, numbers above average. we'll be dry tonight. dry through your morning commute. first half of the day, dry for most of you. up in the north bay, the rain begins to fall by 10:00, 11:00. the afternoon commute for the east bay around walnut kruk and dublin, oakland -- creek, and dublin, oakland, looking soggy, that will take us through the overnight with rain. the amounts generally in the north bay in the first half of the day. by the second half, we've got a quarter inch from santa rosa to san francisco. this is through 11:00. and one-third inch half moon bay and ben lohman. upper 60s vallejo today. 67 in richmond. 70 in santa rosa and san jose. 40s tonight with the clouds. breezy along the coast and the accu-weather seven-day forecast. increasing clouds, a bit cooler, still a nice day. rain tomorrow, and downloading the app, you can track the rain and the warmth that will really
6:51 am
shoot up the temperatures by thursday and friday, the warmest days expected. >> we'll keep the umbrella handy for the start of the workweek. thanks. building a better bay area can sometimes mean returning to your roots. that's especially true in the south bay, an area once known for acres of fruit trees. abc7 takes us to a secret orchard where a man is trying to preserve the area's agricultural legacy. building a better bay area can roots -- returning to your roots. that's especially known for the south bay, an area known once for its fruit trees. we take you to a secret orchard where one man is trying to preserve the area's agricultural legacy. >> reporter: the word apple carries different weight in present day silicon valley. the valley of heart's delight has remained. todd kennedy grows and sells rare fruit trees from an undisclosed orchard in morgan hill. alleged stone fruit trees that stood to be lost if he didn't step in. >> the oldest varieties are 800 or 900 years old. >> reporter: each tree a different variety. 880 according to kennedy. >> stone fruits are those that have pits in the center. they're peaches, nectarines, plums, plum-cots, cherries, even
6:52 am
almonds. >> reporter: you won't find them at the local grocer. when the state stations were being shut down, he collected several varieties for safe keeping. once funding returned to federal repositories, representatives turned to kennedy for plant material to grow and preserve new trees. >> certainly ten years ago at least half the national collections of the stone fruits, a lot of grapes and figs and varieties had come from this orchard. >> reporter: quite the responsibility for being kennedy's second job. >> this is just on the side. in real life i'm an agricultural lawyer. >> reporter: the fruits of his labor available on line or in person at andy's orchard. a taste of history for the bay area and beyond. >> they don't have travel all the way through the united states or back in time even. you don't have to be here in the 1950s because we've kept the varieties alive. they're still here. >> reporter: in morgan hill, abc7 news. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay
6:53 am
area. share them by joining our better bay area facebook group. next, a special celebration at today's sunday streets in san francisco. we'll have all the details.
6:54 am
6:55 am
here are the winning numbers from the powerball drawing -- 4-17-26-32-49, the "washington business journal" number 10. nobody picked all six. the wednesday jackpot goes up to $118 million.
6:56 am
the winning numbers from the $35 million super lotto plus draw, 3-6-11-36-45, the mega number, 26. nobody picked all six in that drawing either. so wednesday's jackpot increases to $36 million. good luck. happening today in san francisco, another edition of "sunday streets." this time it's in one of the city's oldest neighborhoods. new this year, "sunday streets" will present the first annual thai new year in little saigon in the tenderloin. there will be a southeast asian food fair, transforming the area into thai and vietnamese culture and the area as a whole. it goes from 11:00 until 4:00 this afternoon. a final weather check with meteorologist lisa argen. >> going to be good food there. >> yes, indeed. >> we're looking at the trend for the next seven days in concord. today you'll see a high of 71, cooler with a few afternoon showers tomorrow. we recover to near average
6:57 am
readings on tuesday. and then look at the rest of the week. thursday and friday, you're in the 80s. this is san jose, 70 today. low 60s, evening rain tomorrow. mid 60s, seasonal for your tuesday. climbing on wednesday. more 80s for you. and today, we'll call it partly cloudy with 66 in san rafael. 70 over in livermore. a good deal of sun away from the coast and at the shoreline. it will be breezy to gusty at times today. 60s to upper 60s from the coast and around the bay. low 70s inland. cooler with the afternoon and evening rain tomorrow. and then a slight chance early tuesday, and then we are climbing on wednesday. getting kinds of toasty here thursday and friday. the coast always staying cool. warmest day looks to be on thursday, chris. >> such a widespread. lisa, thank you. thanks to you for joining us on a"abc7 mornings." we'll leave with a live look from the abc7 roof camera along the embarcadero and bay bridge.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking news overnight. severe weather turning deadly in the south. a tornado threat as we go on the air. twisters ripping across four states. >> it's a big one! >> tearing off roofs, flames erupting at a school. homes leveled. a university on lockdown. a severe storm system bringing pounding rain and flash flooding. more than 80 million at risk right now, from the south to the northeast. battle lines drawn. the president going head to head with democrats over immigration. the white house now reviewing the plan to bus migrants to so-called sanctuary cities. this as the irs faces a deadline to produce trump's tax returns.


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